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I have a Western digital hard drive (1tb) and an ssd (250 Gbs) and I'm on my new computer and when I go to local disk only my ssd probs up and it says j have 230 gbs of storage left how do I switch to my hard drive
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  1. This on a Windows machine? Go to disk management, the WD probably isn't partitioned and assigned a letter yet, you can do that there.
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    Hi there ItsPuck,

    So the SSD is your primary drive while the HDD should be your secondary right? It would be nice if you post a screenshot of Disk Management. Just upload the screenshot to an image hosting website and post the link.

    Most probably, you are using only your SSD. As why_wolf suggested, you will need to Initialize -> Partition and format the drive.

    How to initialize a drive:
    How to partition and format a drive:

    Let us know how this goes,
    D_Know_WD :)
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