Help designing a high power gaming desktop,doesnt matter price

Im wanting to build a high quality gaming pc,i cant afford to upgrade it all the time so i was wanting toget the absolute best parts,tower,monitors,etc so i dont have to upgrade.was thinking of getting all the parts and haveing a professional build it.can anyone tell me what the best parts are and where to get them?im in the appreciate any help
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  2. Thank you☺☺☺☺
  3. Can you put commas between the parts you recommended i can barely read them
  4. teamrockymo12 said:
    Thank you☺☺☺☺

    I didn't add a case or cooler because everyone has there taste in that. I like the new rog stuff you can change the color on the board and the gpu which I really want. This is why I picked the motherboard and gpu like I said everyone has the taste but the 6700k and 1080 is no question top notch
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