Looking to upgrade my Pre-built PC for CS:GO. Need advice.

Alright so i'm looking to upgrade my old pre-built pc. The main game i play is CS:GO. On 800x600 4:3. I get 50-140 fps. It varies from map to map. I'm looking to upgrade my computer with a budget of 180 Euro. I'm looking to at least get 300 fps on my current resolution and 180+ on 1920x1080 if possible. Also my computer seems to be getting slow when starting up , a week ago my pc ended up randomly crashing so i had to reinstall windows 7. Im thinking it might be my hard drive , should i replace it? And How much FPS will i be able to achieve?

My PC's Specs :

CPU : AMD A10 7850k . 3.7 Ghz.


PSU: 500 W

GPU : Don't have a dedicated one , using onboard graphics , r7.

Motherboard : Gigabyte F2A55M-HD2.

I don't know the exact specs of the Ram or Psu due to it being pre-built.

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    I'm not sure about your pc crashing but the R7 graphics will do fine. Don't expect 180fps consistent
    Further down the road I'd recommend you get a gtx 750ti
    The apu's graphics are currently equal to the gtx 260 and less powerful than the r7 250
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