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I currecntly have a xfx r9 290x as my graphics card. I'd like to start overclocking it and I've read a few tutorials and watched a few videos, but none of the videos had to do with the program that the written tutorials were about, and the written tutorials were about an outdated version of the program that I was advised to use.

I'm currently using (have installed) sapphire trixx, because I've read, as stated above, that its Superior to msi's program. Now the questions that I have are.

1) what is "power limit?" from what I understand it controls the amount of power that my GPU can pull, is that correct?

2) the tutorial that I read said that I should max out "powertune" at 20%. I assume "powertune" is the same as "power limit" but my version of trixx maxes power limit out at 50% . so should I set "power limit" at the full 50% "to max it" or should I keep it down at the 20%?

3) the tutorial I read said increase "clock speed" by 100 run it and if it crashes set back by 25 until it doesn't, does this mean GPU clock, and is that a safe and effective way to figure out my clock settings?

Edit: just for some additional information CPU is an AMD fx-8350. Currently on furmark I have a stable 78ish FPS and my Temps reach around 90C for my GPU.

Edit: So I've messed around with it briefly setting my core clock up to 1025 mhz and my power tune up 5%-15% and none of it made any different when running benchmarks.... infact at base setting my GPU doesn't even reach its 1000 MHz's when running furmark, it averages out around 890 Mhz. When I useunigine heavens benchmark I do end up getting the full MHz's.
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    Power limit is yes the amount of power your power supply can "supply" to the gfx card. I have never heard of powertune but i would not suggest using +50% on power limit, that could do some serious harm. If your GPU has a non reference air cooler i would recommend only going to max +10% as that is all the power you could possibly need with an overclocked air cooled gpu. i personally use +7% as thats the sweet spot for my specific gpu (supplies just the right amount of power without generating any unnecessary heat) And i would be careful with OC the gfx card by 100, i personally do 50, but some even do it by increments of 5. +50mhz on the core clock has worked for me for years. Once you see some thermal throttling artifacts or instability, subtract some of the core/memory clock by around 15. this should make it stable enough. P.S. DONT MESS WITH VOLTAGE UNLESS YOU REALLY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING***. If you have a water cooled gpu you can up the power limit a bit more to around 10 15 percent to get a stable, higher OC.

    EDIT: Those temps are extremely high for a CPU. If it is OC'd i would recommend tuning it down a bit. I have never run furmark before but temps that high in gaming will slowly decrease lifespan of CPU
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