Where does this go?

Alright. So i got here a Asus F2A55-M mobo and what i think is USB from the case. The USB has 8 wires which are together but the heads are separated. Theyre called: G / PORt + / PORt - / VCC / PORt + / PORt - / G

On the mobo i got USB 91 USB 78 and USB 56 and dont know where to put the wires in. All the USBs on the mobo have 9 pins.

Some pics here:

I think they go into the middle which is USB 78 but in what in what pin does an invidual wire go into...
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  1. Hello... Your MB manual/PDF will have a diagram of all the PINs and connector assignments... it has power and communication pins... it's pretty easy to figure out, just follow the diagram and wire labels... some masking/clear tape, will help manage the connectors and wires together, after you get proper locations, as a tip.
  2. Well. I put them in but i will only see if they work tomorrow... and hope it doesnt blow up.
  3. You actually have unbundled USB wires? Haven't seen that in ages. Usually come in a 10-pin connector with a pin keyed so you can't confuse it with firewire.

    Make sure you aren't plugging audio wires into the USB ports. Those often do come unbundled due to their being two front panel audio standards.
  4. Theres only USB, Power, power led, reset and hdd led in the front, so i shouldnt be plugging any audios in there.
  5. But why does the USB have only 8 wires when theres 9 pins in the USB slot on the mobo. But these USBs are not necessary as i have enough in the mobo itself.
  6. Hello... These are called 'headers" on the MB, and used for case/external/other connections... there will be open or unused pins on them, it's up to the maker of the MB too determine... And yes you don't need to connect them if there is not a purpose OR need for them... there are sometimes Extra "headers" and multiple connections/options, and they may not apply to your case/configuration or needs. B )
  7. Can it hurt the mobo in any way if the wires are in the wrong places then? Im scared that there will be a full nuclear apocalypse if i turn the damn thing on... if i even managed to put the power switch in the right place..
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    Hello... YES... there is Power and communications on them... Damage could result to chips/power supply/MB traces/ETC. Go to a local shop for 5 mins help there from them... better safe than sorry for sure!!!
  9. Alright. I might aswell leave the usb unplugged as i dont need them...
  10. Alright. The computer works. Didnt plug the USB in...
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