Seagate expansion portable hard disk of 1tb is not discoverable.

hello I recently purchased a Seagate Expansion Portable Drive that is 1TB. I plugged it into my pc and i could not locate it. I went into disk management, my computer and device manager with no luck of locating the hard drive. I plugged it into another laptop but I ran into the same issue. I went onto seagates support site and downloaded the sea tools and diagnostic software yet I couldn't locate the hard drive there either. Plugged it into other usb ports on the laptop and pc yet the problem still persists
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    Welcome, @sanjeet sodhi!

    I'd suggest you try using a different USB cable with the external HDD as well. It's possible that the cable is faulty and that's why you are unable to get the HDD powered up and located anywhere. If the problem still persists on all computers, it's probably best to contact the reseller's/manufacturer's customer support. You mentioned that the external hard drive is relatively new, so it should still be covered by the warranty. The customer support should provide you with a replacement product and assistance regarding the RMA procedure.
    If you have any important data on the drive, though, you might want to ask them for data recovery company referrals as well.

    Best of luck!
  2. Well its not showing up under device manager, and i hear the connection sound i changed the power source cable, but still can’t access the files and the light still won’t come on
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