R7 360 vs gtx 750ti 450w need help

Hey guys, I was wondering if I could run r7 360 or gtx 750ti with 450w power supply, the rest of the Pc is and a 10 7850k (no oc) , hyperx 8 GB RAM (single card), single HDD. Motherboard says a88x pro. Beside, which one of those GPU u will recommend
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    Recommended PSU for R7 360 is 430 watts with a 6-pin PCIe power cable.

    300W PSU is like minimum for GTX 750ti, for the sake of some other powerful components you might be having & for worst case scenarios you should provide atleast 100w of headroom. So a 400W PSU is suggested.

    That being said. These are quality Power Supplys. If you can figure out which power supply you are using it would be helpful.

    Personally I wouldn't buy either and save 20$ more and go get a GTX 950 EVGA SC+ for $130 from fry's with a $30 rebate I think.!/ccomment-comment=10003360

    ^(this is why)

    But if I had to choose I would still go for the GTX 750ti
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