WHEA_Uncorrectable_error after installing new motherboard

So 2 days ago i got a new motherboard (MSI Z97 PC Mate) and i keep getting this error whea_uncorrectable_error and idk why, i will put in order what i did when installing the motherboard to help anyone trying to figure out the problem (1 didnt wipe my hard drive (o think this is the problem) (2 installed motherboard (3 pc kept turning off and off rapidly and then suddenly stopped (plugged in hdmi cable through motherboard and gpu to monitor and still didnt get a signal (4 plugged in vga cord to motherboard and it diaplayed on screen (5 booted up windows and said error has occured while starting up windows so i decided to completely wipe the drive but then at 74% the screen froze and were fazing in and out of the screen and waited about 15 min to see if it was a bug and it'll start again (6 restarded pc after what happened in 5 (7 attempted to install windows through usb and i did but once i got to the desktop my first whea_uncorrectable error popped up (8 i kept retrying to install windows and i went to the bios settings and set it to default but it still comes up with the error please help
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    It is quite possible, that if you didn't do a clean Windows install you are getting this problem. When changing motherboards, a fresh Windows install is ALWAYS the most prudent thing.

    You could also be sure that you aren't having any RAM problems by running MEMTEST overnight --
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