best system for 1080p 60FPS and 4k rendering

hi everyone i have been lurking around these fourms for a while and i make gaming video and i would like to game at 1080p 60fps while rendering at that but my system right now cant handle it

my spec are fx 6300 at stock
16gb ddr3 ram 1600hmz
antec 620w psu

and i play all the newest indies and new triple aas

the system i was thinking is a e5-2670
with some x79 motherboard
or i7 2600
with some lga 1155 what do you guys think
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  1. i7 will do the job. especially K.
    You are also going to need a better video card like the recently released GTX 1060. You'd be better with nvidia because of the shadow play which is awesome for recording and streaming without putting additional load on your CPU.
  2. so you mean like a i7 2600k and yeah i was thinking of changing my gpu
  3. Bizarrely your profile links to an Intel i7-3820
  4. skitz9417 said:
    so you mean like a i7 2600k and yeah i was thinking of changing my gpu

    Yeah .... That will do 4.0-4.5GHz on x79 MB.
    Will work like a charm.
    With GPU like 1070 or 1080 it can do much higher resolutions.
  5. ok so a i7 them i was going to do 1080p 60fps then render up to 4k 60fps so that could handle it ?
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    The question is why to upscale 1080p to 4K. it is pointless. You can just use shadowplay to record the video at 1080p@60FPS and than edit it and that's it.
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