Motherboard's PCIe slots went kaput? Need your opinion.

I have an ASRock 970M mini-Atx motherboard, AMD FX-8350, single NVidia GTX 970 card. The other day, I soft-reset my computer, and the graphics just stopped working. I tried the card in the other PCIe slot, nothing.
The monitor works - I tried it on another computer. I tried the DVI and HDMI - neither work with my computer anymore, but they do on another.
I took a known good card, and nothing. The card works in its own PC.
The only thing that gives me pause is that I am unable to test this card in another PC at my house - the card is too long, and none of the other power supplies have an 8-slot PCIe power connector.

I'm thinking the motherboard's PCIe slots just went kaput. Does this sound right?

Additional details:
My GTX 970 has a white LED. It comes on, like always, when I power the PC on. As does the fan - and the fans on the known good GPU that I substituted (which does not require an additional PCIe 6 or 8 pin power connector). So I know that power is getting to the PCIe slots.
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  1. Could also be the PSU. If the cards aren't getting the proper voltage, you'll have no display. Do you have any other PCIe devices to test the slots with?
  2. I do not. I built this computer almost a year ago. It has an EVGA 750+ Bronze, so the PSU is not underpowered.
  3. Any PSU can fail, just trying to rule that possibility out.
  4. My mistake. I do have a GTX 750 ti, which I used to test the slots. No display. It works fine in its own computer. The fans spin and everything.
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    More than likely the motherboard then.
  6. I think so, too. I'm ordering a replacement. I'll try and remember to update this when I test it.
  7. Please do, it may help someone else.
  8. Well I replaced the mobo, and I'm posting this from my newly fixed computer. It was the PCI Express slots after all. Solved.
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