What graphics card will work well with an AMD A10 7800?

I have an AMD A10 7800 processor and i want a graphics card to run high demanding games.
Would i lose performance by using one of the latest graphics cards because of my processor?
Thanks in advance
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    Dual graphics on Kaveri is only possible with R7 240 and R7 250.

    R7 250 will crossfire with your A10.

    And yes, it is dramatically holding you pack.

    A low end i5 with a 280x would smoke it.
  2. I have this CPU too before. But I keep it in my closet co'z I'm using Athlon 860k right now.

    I tried pairing this APU with r7 250 in dual graphics mode. Performance has mediocre to major boost in dual graphics. Later, budget set in to my pocket then I bought an R9 380. Improvement is really awesome with this GPU. From 30-60FPS, it jump to 60-120FPS. I dont see any bottleneck or whatsoever base from my experience. Then my Gaming became smooth than usual.

    Later, I changed to athlon 860k because this APU can't be overclock.

    Actually as of now im building a new kaveri system with this apu from my closet.
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