Best US store to buy PC components?

(cheapest=best). Can be online or not, prefferably with IRL stores.
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  1. Best deals are at:

    Spent 1000's of dollars here.
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  2. Second Microcenter, they are pretty good on returns. Be sure to check prices online because they'll do price match online. I do have to say that I've returned many faulty components, why? Couldnt tell you.
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  3. Microcenter and fry's are the only two I can think of. I'm not sure where you are located but a lot of smaller businesses might be around.
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  4. Microcenter FTW!
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    microcenter ?? funny how everything I want from them at there prices are all ways in store only then if you could mail order you 90% of the time find it for less at newegg or amazon anyway

    but for me today newegg just aint as go to as past when they got a way form a electronics only to trying to be like amazon selling everything under the sun [and moon] ist now a who ever got the better deal between amazon or egg ??

    matter of fact if bought through amazon with there a to z policy they now may have a better return/ rma/ refund then newegg
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  6. Thanks!
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    Can never go wrong with Amazon plus 2 day shipping with Prime :)
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