Windows cannot be installed to this disk

Okay, so I have a Dell Inspiron 14 (3878) And I'm trying to install Windows 7. I have a bootable USB, FAT32, with Windows 7 Ultimate on it, I have a code from a disk but the laptop doesn't have a disk drive.

I entered the windows setup (after realising I needed Legacy rather than UEFI) and deleted the included windows 10 partitions so that all that was left was:
DISK 0: Unallocated space

I tried to select DISK 0 as it is the SSD (I'm assuming as there's no HDD), and it says I cannot install, it said I need to enable the drive's controller or something but there's no setting for this in the BIOS of the laptop.... UGH

I have done 3 installs today with this drive, same method, just the Dell is playing up (no surprises there)

Any help is greatly appreciated, especially with the BIOS that this has, which FYI has about 10 settings if that...
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    do you know what kind of SSd it is? is it a M.2 or a sata device. you might have to do a uefi install, ssd might be disabled under legacy mode.

    UEFI install of windows 7----->
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