separate HDD storage problem

I had a computer twice...

Both are destroyed with no chance of fixing..

Luckily I can save their HDD..

Now my problem lies with the files in the HDD, because I had files in both storage with different OS..

I am planning to build a new computer and my plan is that I plug both the HDD on the new computer and copy/paste the files I need to my external storage..

Can I do that? Plug two HDD with different OS before I reformat them both? This is my first time in this situation..

Thank you to anyone that can help..
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    what you want to do is use a clean drive with no os a ssd or another hard drive. install windows 10 using there free media creation tool. onto a 8g usb stick. want to install clean os onto a blank hard drive wiht the other drives unplugged. once windows is installed and registered power off and plug the drives in. then set them up using windows disk management. once they show up you can move the files then wipe the drives.
    if you have a working pc now you can pick up sata to usb hard drive back up cable kit. plug the working drive in by usb cable and then back your files to ext. then you can wipe the drive and reuse it.
    myself i would on the new build buy a ssd as the boot drive and then reuse the other drives as storage drives.
  2. Hello... Yes the DATA is accessible on the drives, without Booting from them... you just need to plug them into the MB of a working computer... give permission to use the drive and copy away... YOU Don't need to BOOT from them to get any DATA off of them... ok? B /
  3. What old and which new OS ? Most can read all kinds of file systems but there are some exceptions.
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