Need a case that supports 3 360mm rads preferably one top one front one bottom

Going for a high performance liquid cooled system want a 360 rad for the cpu and one 360 for each video card i live in an arid desert area where using an ac is not possible average room temperatures during the day are 87-90 degrees Fahrenheit so the room is already quite hot when I get home and start my pc up to play some games or edit some videos. As a side note each rad with have its own D5 pump with 440ml res combos.
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More about case supports 360mm rads preferably top front bottom
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    there are not many cases of that dimension...u can try this...

    Radiator Mount Locations Front: up to 360mm
    Top: up to 420/480mm
    Rear: 120/140mm
    Side: up to 420/480mm
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