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Hello! I'm looking for advice on an upgrade path to take for my current system. And before I get into anything further - I do plan on building a complete system from the ground up in 1 or 2 years. So I'm not looking to future proof my current, just best case scenario for now.. because well.. I need it.

My current system:
800d Case
i5 2500k at 4.5 ghz (custom water loop)
Asus p8z68-v Gen 3 Mobo
16gig Ram
2X EVGA gtx 570 FTW in SLI ( sometimes)
500g Samsung SSD
2 3tb Red drives
800w psu

I am currently a college student and while I used to game quite a bit, I now don't have much time for it any more. I do enjoy playing a game or two here and there but that't not my focus. The gtx 570 has been just fine for the most part at 1080p.

Where I am having problems with is Video Editing. I am a drone pilot and shoot lots of 4k footage from a Dji inspire pro and phantom 4. 4k footage kills and I always have to pre-render anything I am working on. The 570 simply cannot keep up.

With that said the 570(s) hace problems of their own. Often it is hard for the cards to see each other and engage in SLI mode. Quite often the card will not run at all when the system has been off for several hours. I originally thought a Mobo problem but after trying on 3 other test beds, it is clear that the card is the problem. I have tried the old, shove in the 400 degree oven for 15 minutes, and after that. the card will work for a few weeks before having startup issues again. It seems to me that the connections and sodering are getting old. If I start up the computer from cold, I have let it run for 10 minutes to warm up, then restart to have the 570 fully fire up. Weird problem I know.. but it takes a back seat to my problem video editing.

So - What should I do. It seems to me my options are as such..
1. Used GTX 970 from Ebay
2. New GTX 1060
3. ???

I have a budget between $200 and $300.. but id like to say closer to $250. Most recently smashed my Gopro Hero 4 and need to get a replacement.

I do want to be able to game a bit.. who dosent?? But i rather focus on performance for video editing at this time. I feel that either the 970 or 1060 will give me that - but I wanted to check with the community to see what your thoughts were.

I would have liked to go with a 1070.. and perhaps that would be more of a future proof option.. but prices are way up there and I've seen some bench marks telling me that gaming would be pointless since I would not be using the card to it's potential.. but would this be the same for video editing?

Let me know what you can! Thanks!
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    If you want to be future proof or make your system last longer, I would go for the gtx 1060, and the 1060 is more powerful than the 970 (Im not sure if your cpu would bottleneck it though). If the 1060 doesn't fit your budget, I would go for the 970 used. Make sure you buy from a seller with a good reputation though and they accept returns.
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