Suggestion for graphic card upgrade for old comp

Currently I have an old HP computer and looking to just upgrade the graphics card to play Overwatch on Medium to High setting. Any recommendations are welcome, please see below for my comp spec.
Also, I rather not get a graphics card that my current computer won’t be able to fully utilize.
Thank you in advance.

HP Pavilion a6750t
Intel Core2 Quad Q8300 @ 2.50GHz
4GB of RAM
Motherboard Name: ASUS:IPIBL-LB / HP:Benicia-GL8E
ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series (HD 4650?)
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  1. What type of PSU
  2. Ryarwood99 said:
    What type of PSU

    I have ANTEC EA-380D (willing to upgrade this also if I can get a good boost from the graphics card)
  3. ...
  4. Best answer
    Sorry for the late reply. Without upgrading the whole system, your best option would be a750ti or 950. I would consider just saving up and upgrading the entire system. You will also want a 400-500w PSU no matter which path you choose
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