I have an AMD A10 7850k and I am Looking a good budget graphics card for gaming ($100-200)

I am looking for a good graphics card for around $150-$250. I am doing a good amount of gaming but I am not doing anything too crazy. I do not care for bottlenecks because I am just looking for better performance. I do not care about du graphics. Replies much appreciated.


cpu: AMD a10 7850k overclocked to 4.0GHz
memory: 8gb-1866 of ddr3
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    Depends on your PSU. But I would recommend either the GTX 960 or the R9 380. The GTX 960 requires a smaller power supply (recommended 400W) than the R9 380 (minimum 550W). If you have a more powerful supply, get the R9 380, it will outperform the GTX 960 and your cpu will not bottleneck the R9 provided that the games you are playing are not cpu intensive.

    GTX 960:
    R9 380:
  2. Greetings!

    The 4GB VRAM version of the RX 480 is going for around $199.00 and would probably set you better for the future and VR than either the 960 or the 380...just a newer architecture is always worth considering if affordable for an upgrade.

    Hope this helps!
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