Disk Structure corrupted and unreadable-Chkdsk not working

hello guys,
recently my Dell 1TB Hdd stopped working .I searched through net and found some ways like check disk in cmd prompt .
i used both checkdisk /f and /r but none of the two worked.the following screenshots will show the errors which occurs.
My system is window 10 64 bit processor .Saving the data is not a constrain.
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    Possible drive failure. Confirm by testing it with SeaTools:

    If it's a non-system, storage drive you can use SeaTools for Windows:

    If it's a system drive (ie contains the Windows installation) you cannot test it properly while Windows is running. Therefore, use SeaTools for DOS:
  2. Hi there fanglessviper,

    I would totally agree with Phillip Corcoran. Unfortunately, your HDD is failing/has failed.

    If you have some data stored on the drive, you will need to use some data recovery for DOS mode(if the drive is your OS one) or Win based one(if it is a secondary drive).
    If the drive is not picked up by both data recovery and testing tools and the data stored on it is really important, you will need to look for some professional data recovery help.

  3. after the seatool test the result is the following.
    does this means the device is dead or is there still any hope left so device to be repaired.
  4. Hi there fanglessviper,

    Unfortunately, as the drive has failed both brand specific tests, then you will need to get another one. In most cases, you can't really fix a failing HDD.
    If the drive is under warranty, you can contact the place you got it from and RMA it.

    D_Know_WD :)
  5. thanks guys,
    unfortunately the drive is out of warranty.will have to buy a new one.
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