SSD won't boot at start up! Only sometimes after 1-2 hours

SSD won't boot windows at start! Only sometimes kinda randomly after 1-2 hours of trying to boot it through BIOS. BIOS recognizes it but does not appear in the boot order thingy.

16Gb of Ram
Asus motherboard Vanguard B85
1 SSD Samsung 120Gb
GTX 970

Every time I turn off I have to go through the same frustrating process of infinite restarts after goin to the BIOS.

If I don't go to the BIOS it only appears the blinking line on the top left corner...
What's wrong with my SSD guys? This pc is only a year old and in good conditions...
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    Sounds to me that the SSD is failing. I've heard of some that will only start to work after several hours of being powered on. If you haven't already done so, you should backup everything. Likely soon it just won't recognize at all anymore.
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