Always getting the ntoskrnl.exe crash! Please help! Dump File Included.

**Correct Link to Dump File Updated

After viewing Blue Screen View I can see I'm always crashing from either the following:


But it all has ntoskrnl.exe in common. Any help would be welcome, and I'd be grateful. So tired of crashing.

Here is the DMP file. Dump File
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    Your download link is a hefty 1GB, are you sure you couldn't find files smaller in nature like those around the size of 250~512KB's? They are easier to package and also go through using a BSOD viewer. You should be seeing a multitude of .dmp files of the aforementioned size and once parsed through BlueScreenViewer should reveal an anomaly.

    Mind you, can you please pass on your full system's specs inclusive of your OS? Have you made sure your BIOS is up to date? Were you experiencing these issues prior to your OS upgrade? The way you've stylized the post, it seems like you're on Windows 10.
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Blue Screen Crash Ntoskrnl.Exe