Samsung Evo 850 120gb + ADATA premier 240gb RAID 0

Hello, I'm wondering if it's a good idea to put these 2 in RAID 0 to maximize speed. I currently have the evo 850 and I'm looking at getting the ADATA 240gb to upgrade so I can put high end games like ARK on it. I'm unfamiliar with RAID so I'm wondering is it a good idea to put these 2 drives on RAID 0 to maximize speed?
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    doesn't work - you need two similar ssds.

    but i would suggest to just add a "game drive" with 240 and put the games there - i have it similar - one system ssd 2 game ssds... added one by one ;)
    works well and you will not have speed issue - besides i have personal prejudisses vs. adata, take crucial, samsung, sandisk, transcend, whatever...
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