What are the ideal CPU temperatures for AMD FX 6300

Hi Guys,
I have recently assembled a new PC with the following config:
AMD FX 6300 processor with stock cooler
MSI 970 Gaming motherboard
Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB RAM
NVidea 2GB graphics card
450W PSU with default fan
1 external system fan

I have noticed that the CPU temperatures appear to be very high (Around 50 degrees C when idle). Also, the TMPIN1, 2 and 3 temperatures are as high as 245 degrees C. TMPIN0 is 48.6 C

Can someone please advise on this?
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    totally normal for stock cooler. The interesting point is when the CPU is under load.

    have a look at the thermal margin of AMD´s overdrive tool. If it´s about >20 degrees C, you are fine.
  2. Yes,u need an Aftermarket cooler probably an Coolermaster Hyper 212x will he good.
    Coz i own an AMD FX 8120 and stock cooler of AMD is useless so all u need is an Aftermarket cooler.
  3. if the thermal margin doesn´t reach 0°C under load, all is fine
    if overclocking is a parameter, an aftermarket cooler is necessary

    the fx 6300 has a tdp of 95W, stock cooler should be ok, if not OCed

    the 8120 with 95W too

    the 8120 with 125W stock cooler is undersized
  4. The thermal margin is currently swaying between 15*C to 45*C with just the chrome browser open (2 tabs), AMD overdrive and explorer window... (OS: Windows 10 Pro)
    So, it seems I need to buy an aftermarket cooler like Hyper 212X and another 120mm system fan throwing hot air from the rear of the cabinet and I will move the old system fan to front of the cabinet to pull some cool air within. Thank you guys for the prompt advice!
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