Just installed another hard drive, BOOT_DEVICE_LED stays on and does not detect in bios nor Windows

I installed a Seagate 500GB Drive into my pc and on my Asus Z97-AR the BOOT_DEVICE_LED stays lit up until i go into Windows and the drive is not detected by Windows or the BIOS. Please help me!

Intel Core i5 4690k 3.5 ghz
EVGA GTX 950 Superclocked
Western Digital 1TB Drive
Seagate 500GB Drive
Corsair 600 Watt Power Supply
Crucial Ballistix Sport 8gb ram (4x2gb0)
Asus Z97-AR
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    Hi there djme206,

    So your system boots from the WD drive right? Your new drive is not recognized by Win and BIOS right?

    My suggestion would be to start with just updating your MOBO drivers.
    Is the secondary drive even powering up? In case the issue persists, you can attach the new drive with different SATA and power cables.

    Hope this will help,
    D_Know_WD :)
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