After overclocking my ram on test Pc, it's stuck in a boot loop.

So recently I started messing around with my test PC to see how far I can push it. The first thing I overclocked was RAM. And what do you know? It doesn't boot anymore.
It's stuck in a boot loop, and I can't even reach BIOS to reset everything. I have tried resetting it using jumpers, also removed the CMOS battery. Since it didn't work, I took out the RAM as well, and left everything overnight.
Today it still doesn't want to boot, and really I don't know what to do. It's not like a very valuable PC to me, but I need it for oc tests, so I don't mess up my personal rig.

The motherboard - Intel Desktop Board DQ77MK (I know it's quite s*** and isn't really meant for oc, but like I said - it's an old pc for test purposes).

P.S. This is the first time I have overclocked anything :P

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    What make of RAM was it?
    What was the Stock Frequency?
    What did you set it as?

    Generally 1st step is try to change in BIOS before PC boots up (you've tried that already)
    If that fails, try to remove the battery for the BIOS on the motherboard to reset it (you've already tried that too).

    Now you need to eliminate the possibilities, have you tried a different stick of RAM separate to the ones you've overclocked? Does it boot up then? (OC'ed RAM is dead).
    If that fails then, most likely, motherboard has an issue, look for anything fried/bulging capacitors, smells?
    Let us know how you get on! Finger's crossed for you it is simply the former...
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