Just got new gpu and im still in the 30 day replace time line and i have a broken port on my gpu....

Okay so i recently switched to displayport from hdmi i have a fury x and i just recently got it and im still withing the 30 day replace policy(bought july 3rd 2016) and when switching i found out that 1 one my displayports(the one closet to the hdmi port) was to find out "broken" and by broken i mean when using the port the screen after time starts to flash and is unusable, i just finished oc my card and finding the limits after switching to the usable displayport and now idk if i should replace it for a new card or just stick it out with just a single broken display port that honestly to me doesnt seem too big of a deal but is very ubnoxious considering its a brand new card and im wondering on an opinion of do you guys thank it would be worth to get a new card, what would you do in the situation? thanks!!

PS: I bought the card from Newegg and also bought the "1 Year Extended Replacement Plan" if that means anything for me, thanks!
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    I would keep returning it till you get a 100% functioning card. That is what you paid for..
  2. i woudl return the gpu and get your money back for the extended warranty then pick up a 1070 or newer gpu that just as fast or faster for less money.
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