SATA to PCIe adapter for graphics card?

Has anyone ever tried using a "15pin SATA Power to 6pin PCIe PCI-e PCI Express Adapter Cable for Video Card" in order to use a >75W video card?

I have the infamous HP 6200 MT computer and it does have an extra SATA for a second harddrive that isn't in use. I wanted to ask you pros before blowing up my computer :/
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  1. I dont recommend using any such adapter.
    However, if the card is less than 75w you shouldnt need one anyway.
    What card?
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    Seeing how often even the molex to SATA connectors tend to melt inside computers I would say that you certainly don't want a SATA connector trying to power a GPU. At that point I would just get the PCIe connector and splice it directly to the wires and bypass the flimsy SATA connector.

    Of course I would also migrate the entire build to a new case with an appropriate power supply.
  3. Thanks for the quick replies! I have the gtx950. I saw it says it's 110W, so I didn't want to just use the motherboard for power. The PSU that comes with the unit has no PCI expansion or whatever they're called on it. The only extension/expansion is the SATA for the second harddrive if I were so inclined.

    I tried using a PSU that was 500W, but the motherboard is an ATX adapter, not the 24 pin that seems to be with normal PSU's.

    I hate being so ignorant, and I'm so glad for forums like this!
  4. Yeah, I should point out that the computer is an HP, so several things from its power supply don't line up if you wanted to replace the PSU with one of your own.
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