Graphics Card Driver Acting Weird.

Hey Everyone! I have encountered with an issue and still encountering it.I installed Windows 7 like 2 days ago and after installation I installed Graphics card driver and installed all the required softwares to play games and then I start Battlefield 4 and it starts like real slow then stucks in middle and then an error pops up saying"display driver stopped responding and has recovered".then I started another game and same happened after that i made a clean installation from dis and even then the problem persisted. I am very concerned since I do gaming in my free time. Thanks in advance to community.
Here are Secs:
Dell Precision T3400
CPU: Core2Duo E7400 2.8 Ghz
RAM: 8 Gb
Graphics card: Leadtek Nvidia GTX 650 1 Gb
Form Factor: ATX
Motherboard: tp412
HDD:1 Tb and Another 160 Gb With Windows on it.(Both SATA Drives).
One Monitor.
Native Resolution:1024*768
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  1. Have you downloaded the latest driver?
  2. I had downloaded the latest driver.But I rolled back to 366.82 which was stable and I had no issues with it.Infact i have installed windows 7 many times but nothing like this ever happened.
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