Can I replace my laptop fan to lower Ampere fan to save battery life and reduce noise

I bought lenova yoga 2 13" with i5 4210 (if iam not wrong ) 8 gb .... But there was problem with fan it was extremely nosy I look at online and found the fan is normally noise. I did change the thermal past (mx-4) it did really help a bit ( before: cpu was 40-50 when load and over 50 when, After: 25-30 when load and around 50 when watching 1444p video).
The fan is 5 v with 0.45 am and I found this with 0.26 amp.

Is it worth to change the fan ? I am thinking I will get noticible battery life and more than %30 reduce noise.

If you ask what I will do with the laptop I will most likely play world of Warcraft Lich king (2009). and internet browsing.
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  1. Weaker fan = higher temps = longer fan runtime = more battery drain. Always a trade off :)
  2. Thank you for your reply. The laptop is ultrabook so normally low temp I tryed fans off (by disconnect cable) cpu was going up to 58 but gpu was 80. Funny thing is i5 4210 is already low watt and gpu hd 4400 as well I dont think so they will pass 60 with lower fan. This fan is already extremely strong and noisy even when I am doing nothing no app working in background it is noisy !! I checked bois, replace thermal paste and all I can find online :S.
  3. Is the CPU fan definitely being too loud or is it comparable to other laptops? The fans in a laptop are very small and have to spin incredibly fast; much more so than desktop fans.

    I've never seen third-party laptop fans anywhere.

    If the fan is overly loud there must be a reason why. Is Task Manger running a background process that's hogging the CPU? Is the fan covered in dust or are the blades damaged?
  4. Thank you for your answer. IT is the original fan I look online most of the people have same issue the fan is very strong compare to laptop. More interestingly I found that when cpu is 33 fan is still loud but gpu is 58 (gpu hd 4400) I dont know why fan is targeting gpu instate of cpu and draining battery like this :(

    I have checked 3th program and more there is nothing ruining in back ground :S
  5. No one can help no one know simple thing like this ??? SAD :(
  6. Remember, this is an online forum, not technical support. People help because they want to and they do it for free.

    If the problem was that simple then why haven't you fixed it?

    I'm done here.
  7. Insulting someone who tried to help is intolerable. Saying "thank you" is enough.
  8. Please Do read what I said after his answer.
  9. Best answer
    so it uses .2 amps less power at 5 volts. on a typical laptop battery that will yield about 5-10 more mins run time at most. but considering that the fan doesn't run full speed 100% of the time power savings will be even less. really in the end you wont notice any run time difference.

    you save a lot more power though screen brightness.

    you also can save a lot more power if you got a version with the hybrid drive by changing over to a ssd (some came with a ssd some with a hybrid drive (spinning one+ssd combine model)) as you will typically save over several amp hours just having a ssd.

    just changing your fan you wont notice a difference. unless your thermal paste is bad which would cause the fan to run faster then it should to keep it cool.
  10. kinglord said:
    Please Do read what I said after his answer.

    I did. That is why my earlier post was made. Be civil and respectful of others. Simple.

    Regarding your fan question, go for it. Find a lower amperage fan and see how it performs. Of course, you are violating your warranty and ignoring the hardware's engineers who designed the thermal management aspects of your system.

    Let us know how it turns out.
  11. maxwellmelon Thank you for you answer. Looks like you are right but it is not anti glare screen I am afraid even I purchased anti glare protector it did not changed more than %40. But it is really loud specially in public :( I did changed termal paste to mx-4 did changed a little bit

    COLGeek It is out of warranty already and if you look at online yoga 2 fan has issue with speed and loudness. If you wonder I cleaned the and and every thing inside.
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