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Hi all,

I have a Fractal R4, and I'm trying to work out the best setup for the fans and S24 Kelvin water cooler. The other questions I can find are just for air only, not with a water cooler as well.

At the moment, I have two fans on the front as intake, and one on the rear as exhaust. I have the S24 mounted in the top position, with the fans pushing air through the cooler and out the top of the case. I also have another fan set as an intake fan at the bottom - the idea here is it's pushing air directly at the R9 390X Strix.

I believe it's possible to mount the water cooler in the front instead - is there any benefit to that setup compared to how I have it now?
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    The benefit to having the AIO setup as your latter intention is that you receive cooler temps on your CPU side as the radiator it's meant to cool is being fed with cooler ambient air as opposed to being fed with warmer internal case air. The issue with the former mentioned here is that the heat dumped into the chassis from the front mounted radiator is the fact that the heat will in turn raise the temps of the internal components. This isn't going to be an issue when on idle but under high taxation like gaming the temps will slowly creep up. If you're OCD like I am, you could mount the radiator outside the chassis(like what I did in my AMS build log or else leave it as you have it right now.

    Might I ask what the rest of your system's specs are?
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