PC shutting down randomly then booting up after few minutes.

My pc keep shutting down and sometimes restarting I am using win xp causr I don't have 7 dvd. I reformatted few times but problem won't go away I also unchecked Automatic restart but It did not showed me any Bsod when restarting. I have checked the event viewer for any unusual activity but came out ok. Then i checked for any loose connection but did not found any. As a last resort I reformatted my pc with ubuntu but problem presists. My specs i3, 2GB ddr3 dual channel , Asus mobo, 1TB sata hdd, Dvd ram, onboard vga and korean made 650W psu. Pc is newly assembled one and worked very well for 2 months. I personelly suspect psu. Do you guys have any clue what's wrong with my pc? weird thing about this is that when pc shutdown without cause it will automatically turn on after like 2 minutes. Sometimes it does not shutdown but resets.
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    Please list your specs as:

    Without your full system's specs it's hard to nail down a culprit but judging from the way you stated the PSU, it's the culprit but to be sure, you may wan to make sure your rams are compatible with your motherboard while you're also sure your BIOS and remaining drivers are up to date. Does the reboot occur when you're within BIOS? It can either be the ram or the PSU. I've had one instance where the system would reboot at will and the culprit was the HDD instead of anything else in the system.
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