Need some advice and comments on my overclock, first time.

This is the first time i have overclocked before (owned this pc for about 2.5 years). i have a core i5 4670k, h100i cooler with 2 high performance corsair fans. i used 1.184v for the cpu voltage and the ia voltage auto set to 1.213 (shown in hwmonitor) it also showed max temps of 88, 84, 80, and 79 after a 20 minute prime 95 blend test at 4.3ghz. average temp seemed to be 60-63. when i ran the exact same test right before at 4.2ghz i had temps of 85, 84, 78, and 77. Are these good results for now and should i continue to up the cpu multiplier to 4.4 or 4.5. or should i lower the voltage due to the temps and stay at 4.3 or 4.2ghz. i screen shot the hwmonitor and cpuz but dont know how to include them. Also will my temps go up higher when gaming since the GPU will be in use?
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  1. Temps are on the high side with 4.3Ghz.
    For gaming, you'll likely never push they CPU that hard, so a) It should be fine, and b) The extra speed probably won't really be needed.

    Play some games, log your temps and usage and see what happens.
  2. also how can i tell if the system is stable, is 20 minutes long enough i see people talk about 8 and 12 hours, if the temps are high should I lower the voltage until i get a blue screen then raise it back up a little? what temps should i see on prime 95 to be safe, safe max temp for gaming? Any easy way to have turbo boost enabled still like 4.2 ghz when 4 cores and 4.5 on 1 core???
  3. core temps max 53 for hottest core 50 average temp for gaming, played a few benchmarks on one game played fallout 4 for 10 minutes in a massive battle on the bos air boat.
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    Sounds like you're all good.
    It's likely the GFX card that's the limiting factor (unless you're running 2x1080s).
    Try a few benches with CPU at stock and then OC'd.
    You'll probably find very little if any difference between the two.
  5. Try a Prime FFTs run and see the heat output, if your temps are high, try toning back the Voltage in small increments until you are stable, and at a lower Vcore.
    With your second post, your temps seem fine, log them for a while, keep an eye on factors such as ambient temperature and heat. Prime 95 stresses CPUs beyond what they will ever see in their lifetime, Cinebench, Realbench and demanding games seem to be favourites for benchmarking, Synthetic benchmarks tend to really torture your CPU, esp Prime 95, you look good @50, welldone!
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