Pc turns on but nothing on Display / Monitor

Yesterday i got on my pc normally but then when i turned it off and everything was off, i came back about 30 min later and turned it on. just to see that the pc turns on but nothing is being place on the monitor

i know this is not my monitor or my cable as i tried with different stuff.
the only thing i can describe that is happening is that my pc turns on and everything goes fine. but nothing is being showed on screen. i was thinking about buying a new part if something is broken.

my pc specs

AMD A8-6500 APU

8Gb Ddr 3

Asus F2A55-M

Gtx 960 from asus strix 4gb

ive tried with my old gtx 750 and integrated gpu just to see if my 960 was the problem. but it wasent.

if anyone knows how to fix this please help me
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    You have a symptom of power light is on nothing on screen no data signal. This symptom the problem is no display. probable cause is bad ram, gpu cards or the mobo. You need to clean this parts to make it sure that it will display if there are no circuit problems. After you clean it, test it one by one in your mobo but simply connect you PSU and powerup using paper clip in front panel power pins. During test if one of the parts failed that parts is the problem you need to replace it. Be sure to not connect your HDD during testing of the display to avoid damage.
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