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So... Here is the deal. Have MSI GT60. Nvidia 680M (4GB VRAM) and Intel i7-3630 QM 2.4 GHz cpu.
Rest of specs:

Anyway, I noticed it was running a little on the high side of normal for both cpu and Gpu in terms of temperature, so I applied some Arctic silver to both. After removing the old stuff and thoroughly cleaning with 99% isopropyl alcohol, of course. Now... Gpu idles at about 37, CPU at 45. Gave it a little unofficial stress test; ran the witcher 3 before and after and recorded the temps. Made it load terrain and particles and whatnot. Anyway, the Gpu is at 76 C under load, which is a small improvement. The CPU doesn't appear to have changed much either way; under load at about 60 degrees C.

How are these temps? Are they normal? I can't seem to find the answer so far...

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    Those temperatures are fine. Laptops do not have room for powerful cooling systems, so they run a little warmer than desktops.

    You should worry about your CPU when it hits 85C. Worry about the GPU when it hits 90C.
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