Best Motherboard for I5 4690K / Best Motherboard for I7 6700K?

Hello, I am looking to upgrade my computer and I'm not sure if I should go for the I5 4690K or the I7 6700K, but I would also like to know which would be the best motherboard for I5 4690K and the best motherboard for I7 6700K to compare the overall prices to see if they fit in my budget.

My main objective is gaming, I see people saying that an I5 is enough but it's tempting to get a I7 and be prepared for the future haha.
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  1. What is your budget?

    What are your current parts?
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    This is the Board I got for my 6700k. The VRM's are decent I was able to hit 5GHZ@1.45vcore stable. Mostly I bought it because it matched my GPU and case.
    Msu z170a 160$
  3. I think you can go with Asus Z97-A for i5-4690k.
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