Best computer case for overclocked PC - (air cooler)

I am looking for a good computer case that would give me very good airflow. I plan to overclock my CPU moderately perhaps to 4.0 or 4.2Ghz.

My budget = $200 (but I can go more if needed)

My items: (for my new install)
Noctua NH-D15s (single fan only. cant go dual as it would hit the M.2)
Asus X99 Deluxe U3.1
Gskill ripjaws 32GB RAM
Geforce GTX 960 (soon to be GTX1070 or 1080)
Corsair AX860 power supply
Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD - 512GB
Samsung 850 Pro SSD - 512GB
WD Black 4TB HDD

I was originally looking at the Phanteks Evolv Tempered glass as it looks great but I would opt to go for something a bit bigger with a LOT of cooling fans to ensure that my computer components would last longer. (plus reliability). The looks won't be that much important since the case would be partially hidden below my desk (it is partially enclosed on 2 sides only)

Max dimension that I can afford for the case: (as I would put it under the left side of my desk)
height = 60cm
depth = 80cm
wide = 30cm

Note: I will use this in my office for Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop / Premiere / After Effects. No gaming.
Note2: Our office has an air conditioner and temp is set to roughly 22 degrees.

On another note, may I ask this question too:

1) How much impact does a computer case do in lowering the CPU temperature? Is it only marginal or dramatic?

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    The Phanteks Evolv series is a great choice, one of my favourites - Whilst I am not a fan of tempered glass, if that's what you want, go ahead. However, if it's going to be beneath your desk, I wouldn't recommend spending waaay too much on a case that's gorgeous. You'd be much better off going with a case, like you said, with better airflow.

    In terms of air, it all depends. If it's going to be beneath a desk, on the floor, maybe against a wall on one or two sides, you are only going to get air through a few parts of your case. If it's going to be on a carpet, good luck getting anything through the bottom of the case! (apart from dust and hair and, in my case, my dog's infinite amount of fur) If you can, put it on a desk, where it can breathe just a tiny bit through the bottom.

    Also, for the kind of workload you need, you aren't going to need too much cooling - even in the CPU department - unless you are doing all of those tasks (photoshop, after effects etc) at the same time. You've made a good choice in the Noctua department.

    Personally, I had the same mindset as you when I bought my case - a Corsair Carbide 200R:
    If absolute cooling is what you want, then the 200R has around 7 fan slots which should be plenty - in my opinion, way too much, even for my build.

    A case that does a good job of looking great and having excellent cooling is another Corsar case, the AIR 540:
    An interesting thing done here is it separates the compartments in two - one for the PSU, hard drives and cables, and the other for the motherboard, CPU, GPU etc. The main compartment has plenty of cooling space, with fans in the front, top, bottom(?) and back, though BE CAREFUL - I don't know if your CPU cooler would fit in the case... you have to do that research on your own, I'm afraid.

    Good luck picking a case! It's all a matter of personal taste in the end.
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