Gta 5: BSOD Whea_uncorrectable_error

I am Having some serious issues with Gta 5 freezing, and sometimes getting the BSOD (Whea_uncorrectable errors)

I've Tried Multiple things and none of them works. Here they are:

-Turned off all overclocking software, even deleting them
-Defragged my Hard Drives
-Reinstalling the Game
-Underclocking My Gpu
-Ran multiple memory tests (No Errors)
-Ran CPU tests (No errors)
-Lastly, and unfortunately, Reset my computer.

Things that don't make sense:
-Other games can run just fine
-Software that uses more power than GTA work just fine. Example, I can render 1080p HD 60 fps gameplays
-Cpu runs at 30-40 degrees (55 degrees when doing something intense
-Cpu usage is good when playing games. 25-36%
-Ram usage is rather similar to Cpu usage
-Drivers are up to date
-Capacitors are fine (No Damages, or Leakage)

Mobo: MSI Z97 DDR3
GPU: EVGA Gtx 980 Ti Hybrid
CPU: Intel Core i7-4790k
HDD: Samsung SSD 850 vevo 250 Gb, WD HDD 6TB, Toshiba HDD 1 TB
PSU: 1000 W
Mem: Ripjaws 16 GB

Anything that I missed?
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  1. erm, there is one thing you do not mention, your GPU - which seems to be your problem.
    please check temps of GPU when playing GTA V and we will see.
  2. put a current memory dump from c:\windows\minidump directory on a server like microsoft one drive, share the files as public and post a link.
  3. My Gpu, runs at 30-39 degrees Celsius. And it runs at 50-80 percent? is the second part normal???
  4. How do I do that???
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    look in the folder c:\windows\minidump and see if there are any files there with .dmp file extension
    if there are some, copy them to a server like microsoft one driver, google docs or media fire, share the files as public and post a link here.

    you will have to have a account on one of the servers.

    Kevin_158 said:
    How do I do that???
  6. Try to uninstall your antivirus.
    I had the same error and the problem was the avast antivirus.
    But my error happend while opening virtualbox.
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