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Hi, community.

So, I have an Alienware X51 R3 and I want to make it VR ready. Everything is VR ready except for the GPU, a GTX 960 2Gb VRAM. I could just buy a 970, replace and sell the 960, but I prefer buying the new GTX 1070, so I won't have to replace it soon.

Problem: The X51 does not have enough cooling and a 500w PSU to keep the 1070 ok in there. I have taken a look at these Silverstone Raven mini ITX cases, which handle much more powerful GPUs.

I am going to transfer the X51's components to the new case so the new PC is VR ready

Here are the links:



Build Vids:
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  1. Problem is that the Alienware motherboard looks non-standard. So odds are you won't be able to mount it very securely to a case. I'd advise getting a new motherboard.
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    Yea, that board is proprietary, and will not work, in those cases. The GTX 1060 should be out soon, just as an FYI. Nvidia is claiming that it will be faster than a GTX 980, and only a 120w GPU.
  3. That would probably work for your X51 R3
  4. i guess it will work because the guy who made the build vids dismantled the x51 and transfered everything into a rvzo1
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