Need help with CPU after overclocking it with and stress test crash

So I got the AMD FX 8350 black edition, and recently I was overclocking it in the bios and make it 4.2 hz its default is just 4.0 hz the CPU doesnt work but everything else does when I put my old one in it. The CPuY doesnt smell burnt after I took it out after I was doing a stress test with prime95 i think its called.. But after sometime of letting it stress test i exited the prime95 stress test and the computer failed and shutoff the screen but gpu was still running and im using corsair liquid cooler so I dont understand how it would fry if it did, CPU stayed at 48 Celsius when it crashed... Please help
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    Hi Ryan :) and Welcome to the Forum.

    P95 is a synthetic stress tester and very harsh at that. There are better ways to stress test your system.

    The FX-8350 can be temperamental, depending on the MB and CPU. It also requires a stable and powerful enough PSU especially if you wish to OC.

    I can assist with your instability and help you OC using Bios Tweaks.
    If you wish to take this route then please list your system specs in full.
  2. Gigabyte GTX 980ti windforce
    Corsair RM1000
    Corsair Hydro Series H100i v2 Extreme
    Corsair Vengeance 8GB x1
    MSI Computer ATX DDR3 1066 NA 970A SLI KRAIT EDITION Motherboard
    CM Storm Stryker case
    ASUS Wi-Fi PCI Express Adapter

    But after the overclocking the cpu refuses to work, but thinking it didn't even get over 50 degree Celsius when doing the hardware monitoring during the test.
  3. Well you certainly have a decent PSU and the H100i should be OK.

    Unfortunately your MB will be the limiting factor as it does not fully support the TDP draw of the FX-8350 at peak loads. It will be the VRMs on the MB that will get hot. The MSI 970A SLI KRAIT EDITION has a max draw of 200 TDP.

    If you only have one DIMM at 8GB then you would be in single channel mode and that would diminish performance some what. You may wish to consider an upgrade.

    If you wish to now Tweak your OC on the FX-8350 then we can go ahead. You will probably not reach 5.0GHz but we can gain stability at Stock frequency with a little luck.
  4. Is it possible my FX-8350 is broken now due to the fact my motherboard isnt fully compatiable with the CPU or I just can't use it on this motherboard after the overclocking
  5. Ryan burks said:
    Is it possible my FX-8350 is broken now due to the fact my motherboard isnt fully compatiable with the CPU or I just can't use it on this motherboard after the overclocking

    No not at all. Your CPU is fine and we are yet to determine the OC you can achieve. Your MB may not fully support your CPU for high OCs but will be fine at stock frequency.

    There is little to gain with the Higher OCs and stability is better than the performance increase you may or may not achieve.
  6. For now I put my old CPU in so all my other parts work fine, but when I put the FX-8350 in the BIOS doesn't even boot, and tried resetting the CMOS, but still no luck, right now I would like to just get it working again so I could OC correctly
  7. Changing your CPU without Bios settings back to default will cause issue.
    You will have to reflash your Bios if clearing CMOS does not work.
    Try to remove the CMOS battery and switch of power to the PC. Leave for ten minutes, then try again.

    There is a risk with flashing Bios however you may have no choice.
    Get the latest version from MSI support site if flashing Bios is the only option.

    If you have the MB outside the case and benchtesting, then keep it that way till we sort things out.
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