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Recently I ordered a new computer because my old one broke down and i need to get the hard drive from the old one to work on my new computer. I tried unplugging the new hard drive and plugging in the old one and all i get is a black screen. Both hard drives are 1TB SATA drives by the way
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    Putting an old hard drive in a new computer is usually not going to work.
    I would get yourself a USB enclosure and put your old hard drive in it. Put the new hard drive back in the new computer and boot. Then attach the old hard drive to the new computer via USB. This way you can get at your data and copy it over to the new computer. If this is a desktop and you have a spare SATA cable and an open SATA port and on the motherboard then you can just attach the old hard drive directly without need of a USB enclosure.
  2. Welcome to the community, @akakazz21!

    To add to what @BadAsAl said, it simply won't work because your old HDD holds the OS from your old PC. The operating system, though, is tied to the motherboard of the computer, this is what makes the drive unbootable from another PC. You need to install a new genuine Windows OS onto the new PC and/or simply plug the old drive as a secondary storage, without unplugging the HDD that came with the PC. If you need assistance with the install, here's a tutorial about How to set up & mount your HDD in the system.

    If you plan to use that old drive, make sure you backup your data and then re-format it, so you can get rid of the old Windows installation.

    Hope this helps. Keep us posted if you have more questions! :)
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