FPS-drop after installing new motherboard+CPU in my computer

Hello, I'm Victor.
Yesterday I installed a new motherboard+cpu in my computer case (Asus Z179 pro gaming + Intel i7-6700k). I purchased a new cpu so that I could livestream Overwatch better without running into any encoding overload while streaming (resulting in a huge amount of lag) - The cpu works fine in terms of encoding, it doesn't overload or anything. But now when I play Overwatch I start off with 154 fps, but then as the game goes on, suddenly it start going to 120 - 100 fps, and then all of a sudden it dropped to 40 - 30 fps, and then sometimes goes back up (if it doesn't goes back up, it usually stops my rendering device from working).

I have no clue what the issue is, if it's the GPU or my CPU. The temperatues of my CPU can go up to 61C when playing and the GPU keeps a stable 80C.

When I got all my streaming programs open my cpu is at approx 33% usage and memory at 26% and disk 2%.

Note: The fps drop is much worse after I installed my new motherboard and CPU than before.
+ I also bought new ram to place in my new motherboard (Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3200 DC 16GB)

Additional info:
Power supply is 650 watt
Got water cooling on CPU.
GPU: GTX 770

Things I've tried:
- Reinstalling drivers
- 100% fresh reinstall of Windows 10 (everything got deleted)

I hope i have provided enough information and wrote my issue clear. If you have any further questions then I will be more than happy to answer!

Thanks for taking time to read my issue.
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    Hello everyone. I found the solution for this. My GPU was set to downclock when my GPU hit 79C (it was hitting 80C). I downloaded ASUS GPUTweakII and set my max temp on gpu to 85 and increased the fan speed (aswell as moving my top fan to the side of the cabinet). I hope that this helps if anyone have my problem!
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