Computer turns on, nothing displays on monitor

So, this actually happened to me a few days ago and I managed to fix it by reseating my RAM, though it seems i'm not so lucky this time around.

I was browsing the web and chatting to some friends, when suddenly, the computer shut off completely without warning and then restarted, though nothing displays on monitor.
My keyboard's backlights to not turn on, though my microphone light does, to show it is receiving power. On the initial restart, the lights would flicker when pressing a key but not after I had shut it down and turned it on manually.

And before you tell me to, I have reset the BIOS, reseated the RAM (as well as all other components apart from the CPU) and double checked that my PSU is not faulty by testing it with a friend's build. I'm completely sure it isn't a monitor issue.

It's been like this for about a day now, any help/tips would be greatly appreciated

[SPECS (that I can remember)]
Nvidia Gtx 980
8gb of ram (not sure of the model, I think it is ballistix sport?)
Gigabyte GA-H107M-D3H DDR3
2 HDDs, (one only a few days old, but makes a strange rattling sound)
a 650v PSU
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  1. This could caused by a bunch of factors, Does your system have any mixed memory?

    The main causes or something like this is a OS corruption, bios issue or hardware incompatibility.
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    Any device that is connected to the power supply unit and is suffering potential failure.
    Such as the rattling hard drive will trigger a protection circuit built into the PSU.

    Disconnect both hard drives from there power feeds of the PSU.

    Then try powering the system on.
    If it powers up it tells you one of your hard drives is causing the problem of the system not powering up right.
    and also why the system shut down while using it.
    If power to a hard disk drive is not right the power supply will treat it as a short circuit preventing the power supply from fully powering up.

    Till the device with power problems is removed.
  3. This also happened with my PC.
    There are several possibilities that why is your monitor not displaying anything.
    1. Check for any burns: every time computer shuts automatically results in burning some computer parts . Some part of your monitor might be burned.
    2.Check for power cable:Replace your monitor's power cable.
    3.Ram:You have already fixed your ram, but I recommend you to remove your ram and erase its base with the eraser and replace it in another slot.
  4. Update:
    I got the system working again for a few hours by removing the ram, resetting the BIOS and then reseating the RAM, which is what I did last time(?), but it did shut down again and now once I do that it only stays on for a few seconds.
  5. I got your problem.....
    just re install your graphic card drivers

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