Pc wont boot up after installing amd fx-6300

So i just tried to install my new amd fx-6300, and the pc wont start up. No power to the mouse or the keyboard but both cpu's and gpu's fans are working. However nothing appears on the screen.
What could possibly be the problem? Also i updated my bios to the latest version.
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  1. Try another power supply, what is your current power supply?
  2. Hey, thanks for the answer, i was aware that it could be the supply problem, but still aint sure. My current power supply is lc500h-12 500w.
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    Never heard of that PSU, couldn't find much on it either, I would ditch it and buy a new one, I wouldn't trust something like that. Sounds like that's the only problem here, also, do you have an external GPU? The FX-6300 doesn't have an iGPU.
  4. Can you recommend me a good PSU? I've got R7 250
  5. Newegg doesnt ship to me, and i cant find it in any shop near me. What about this: 735W Raidmax RX-735AP +BRONZE?
  6. Also i would love to get more opinions on this
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