Having problems with Sapphire R9 270X, HDMI Port is broken but DVI works with garbled display and artifacts. Need help!!!

My system specs are
Phenom 2 X4 955 BE oc'd to 3.8GHz
ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3 Mobo,
Sapphire R9 270X Dual-X OC graphics
2TB Storage
Cooler Master Thunder 600W PSU
BenQ GL2250HM Monitor

I bought my sapphire r9 270x in Oct, 2014 and so far it worked flawlessly for me. I was playing Borderlands 2 nowadays in co-op with my bro. And on friday night last week, I updated the radeon crimson drivers to the latest beta ones and fired up another bl2 session with my bro. Everything was completely fine for about an hour, when my PC froze and my monitor showed distorted graphics with artifacts before it went blank. I thought of it as just another random windows crash, and I just reset the PC.

After the crash whenever I started it, the monitor turned on with constant "Out of Range" error message with my monitor still connected to my gfx card's HDMI output. My PC won't even show the BIOS Logo, just a constant flickering screen with "Out of Range" errors. It tried the DVI port on my gfx card and connected it to the monitor, but then it switched to "No signal found" messages.

I then started testing my monitor for any faults by connecting it to my bro's laptop using the same HDMI cable which I was using for my PC. It turns out, the monitor is absolutely fine and it works great with my bro's laptop. My monitor, its ports and the cables are just fine.

Then I removed the gfx card and tried to switch back to the integrated Radeon 3000 on my mobo. So I connected both DVI and HDMI ports of my monitor to the ones on the motherboard. And finally, my PC did boot up, showed BIOS logo and I was able to logon to windows. I switched and tested both ports and everything went smoothly. It means no other hardware in my PC is faulty atm, except my gfx card hopefully.

I then reinstalled the gfx card to give it one final go. I used both DVI and HDMI cables. Now, using the HDMI still gives out "Out of range" errors and my system never even shows the BIOS logo. Then again, when I used the DVI output from my gfx card, it did show the BIOS logo but I can't logon to windows even after I completely uninstalled all the AMD drivers from my system. And even with DVI, display is very garbled with purple stripes and bars all over the monitor and even when I tried using it on clean windows installation, it just crashed the whole system after the windows 8.1 logo.

Please can anybody help me to resolve my problem. I am from India and the PC hardware is really costly here and I don't want my gfx card to die up on me so soon! :(
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    You could try RMAing the card with Sapphire (not sure how long the warranty is)?
  2. RobCrezz said:
    You could try RMAing the card with Sapphire (not sure how long the warranty is)?

    I tested it in my friend's PC and same thing happened, no HDMI display and DVI output works sometimes but with artifacts in the form of two vertical lines on screen.

    On my PC

    On my Friend's PC

    The card has a warranty of 3 years after purchase and extended two years when you register it online. And my card is barely two years old. I'm gonna RMA it. Can you give me some ideas about how to do it? I'm already a member of Sapphire Select Club and they have an option for support ticket. I'm gonna start there for now. Thanx for replying.

    I RMA'd the defective card and got a new one. But the new card runs a little hotter. Overall I'm pretty happy with the replacement. Took only three days to get a new one. Wish I had done it sooner before my birthday. Hehe!
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