Computer stutters or freezes in game

For a while now I've been having an issue that would appear and then seem to resolve itself for a while before coming back again to haunt me. While I would be playing games, my computer would fully freeze. I built this computer myself, (specs below) and I've troubleshooted every issue but this one. Recently, it has been stuttering as well, it would seem to be freezing but it would resume normally in a few seconds. When it does seem to fully freeze, I hear sound looping and there is no response from nothing, which leads be to do a force restart. :(

AMD FX-6300 Six Core
8GB HyperX Ram
Radeon R9-280X graphics card
Windows 64 Bit

Any help is more than appreciated. I hope there is no major issue resulting in me having to open up the case and play around with the hardware.

Thank you in advance!
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    Hi Ultimate20 :)

    Well if there is an issue with Hardware, you will have no alternative but to open your case.

    First conduct a stress test to see if any components are letting your system down.
    From this you can determine if its the PSU,GPU, MB or MB.

    Download HWMonitor to analyze and AIDA64 for the stress test.
    You should also test your DIMMs with Memtest86+ from a USB stick to eliminated the possibility of a failing module.
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