What idle temps should I be getting with a i7 6700k stock and hyper 212 evo

Curious to know what sort of temps on idle are normal

I'm currently getting 29 degrees on idle, is that normal?
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    There is no i5 6700K. There is i5 6600K and i7 6700k, and they have similar thermals.

    It depends on ambient room temperature, fan speeds, etc, but 29°C is common. Anywhere from 25° to 35° is typical for idle where 65° to 75° is the target load temp. If you really want a good picture of your thermals, trying messing with the load on your CPU and monitoring temps to see where the minimums and maximums are.
  2. I will explain it to you. If your room temps is 30 c for example .the fan will push air 30 c hot so your temps cant go less than 30 c and should run a little hotter than your room temps.whats your room temps? If it is 25 c you should be could we that 29. :D hope this helped.
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