at what point does it make a difference to change from amd fx 8350 to an intel

Iam looking to upgrade from an amd based system to an intel and wondering at what processor I would notice a difference between them. I mainly play games and some light photo shopping and video editing.
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  1. For gaming, a new i3 would improve your FPS, but the AMD would still be preferred for editing. I think you would need an i5 6500 or higher to see better overall performance. That being said, I wouldn't upgrade until I could no longer do what I wanted with the AMD, such as running a high end GPU.
  2. You need to upgrade when your performance becomes an issue to YOU. What games and performance do you have?

    What GPU do you have?
  3. DonkeyOatie said:
    You need to upgrade when your performance becomes an issue to YOU.

    Exactly, if you're happy with the way everything runs then keep it that way.
  4. i am running an gtx750ti i tend to play a whole load of different games mainly mmos though
  5. MMOs tend to rape single core usage & even an i3 6100 will give better general performance in those game types - think 60fps minimums as opposed to the 40fps you're likely seeing at the moment.

    I'd argue that 40fps is perfectly playable on those type of games though personally & a $200+ expense of an i3, new mb & ram + a full new install of everything isn't really cost or time effective unless you're really unhappy at the minute.

    You could certainly benefit from a GPU upgrade really IMO.
  6. I am getting 90fps ish on world of warcraft and I know the gpu is in need of an upgrade just waiting for the right time to do it
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    ^ then in all honesty a CPU upgrade isn't going to be beneficial to you .

    I'dargue the time for a gGPUupgrade (price wise at least) is right about now , older gen cards are going for a steal at the minute.
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