Lenovo CIP67M Motherboard - Front Panel Header Connectors?

I bought a new case for a Lenovo Ideacenter K330. Have everything out of it and transferred over to a new case. The motherboard header connectors are non standard & want to make sure I hook things up correctly.

Does anyone have a link to an image or diagram of sorts for this? I tried doing a google search & the best I got was a pic of something 'similar'(but not the same).

The connector looks just like this:
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  1. 1| It'd help if you could shoot us a picture of the boards front panel header pins. There usually is a diagram block located very close to the pin outs.
    2| Since we're dealing with a prebuilt system and a proprietary motherboard, it's never a good idea to wire it yourself with guess work especially if there are no wiring diagrams for it available. If wired incorrectly the board may end up being damaged.
    3| With your former chassis, you could back track from your front panel ports to the motherboard to get a sense of which two wires are for the HDD LED, PWR LED as well as Power and Reset buttons and use that knowledge to get a rough idea of where the connectors will go.

    * A hunch says the left 2 vertical pins and the adjacent 3 pins on the lower plane are for PWR and/or HDD Activity LED's and the left most two pinned blocks are Power and Reset Switch pin outs.
  2. I know this is an old post, but I was going crazy looking for this info as well. Fortunately, a co-worker of mine speaks Mandarin and he was able to translate this.

  3. I got rid of that system in the summer of 2016. heh
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