Which card should i buy for 1080p gaming?

i want above 1080p 60 fps on all major titles with ultra or high settings and I have a budget of 30k INR . And It should be future proof.
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    I would go for a 980, it is getting cheaper and cheaper and it easily runs all the modern Games with 60fps+.
  2. Well, a 970 won't do that with "THE DIVISION", but no one plays that anymore. Point being, if you tell us what games you play, we can help you, but if you want a card that can do EVERY game made thus far at 60fps, you'll need to start at a 980ti. Of course the 1070 can also do that cheaper, so IF...IF you can find one, problem solved.
  3. the gtx 1060 should do u fine , if you don't want to wait then go for the gtx 1070 or a rx 480 on the amd side the rx 480 is cheaper and runs neck to neck with the gtx 970s the gtx 980s will have issues maxing out today's games as I tried with the gtx 980 ti , but I was on a 1440 p monitor as for the 1080 p 60 hz you'll do fine with the rx 480 or the gtx 1060 or 70
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