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Basically im finishing up my pc my hdd has arrived and my mobo is coming. Right now i have a desktop and there are some files i want to save or transfer over to my new hdd. Or even better be able to use my current hdd (500gb) while using my new hdd 1tb therefore giving me 1500 gb of storage... Right? So anyways you know pc you're building a computer you cannot use your old mobo? so the hdd im using now has windows 8 on it and im thinking if i put this hdd in my finished pc it'll cause a problem because my new pc has win10 and this has win 8 but all my files are here. which is making me think a problem could occur. What im asking is, would the hdd with windows 8 on it affect my computer with a windows 10hdd and am i able to use both hdds with no problem?

sorry for lengthy and repetitive explanation of my problem :P
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  1. When you are finished building your system why not just copy over your file into the new system and format the old drive? If you have a router at home you can copy thru your home network.
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    There should be no problem utilizing your 500 GB HDD as a secondary drive in your new system after you install Win 10 to your 1 TB HDD in the new system.

    Just be sure that when you install Win 10 onto the new HDD you do so with only that 1 TB HDD connected to the motherboard's first SATA port (connector) designated SATA 0 or SATA 1.

    After you ensure that the system boots & functions without any problems and you check the motherboard's BIOS boot priority order indicating the 1 TB HDD is the boot drive, then you can connect the 500 GB HDD as a secondary drive. Capiche?

    The fact that Win 8/8.1 is installed on the secondary HDD should cause no problems. By & by you can delete that OS from the drive if you desire to do so.
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